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The only club (I'm aware of) where you don't have to socialise, where the messy inner work of business is normalised and where your ambitions are defended from your fears, limitations & self doubt. 



If you run your own business (or lead in someone else's) you KNOW how isolating it can feel... and how time consuming it can be not to have the right support. 


There's no heavy theory, course or program here; it's about practical, impactful support without the pressure to 'keep up.'

You're busy.  So you want some sort of structure & help navigating through the normal challenges in business of overthinking, self-doubt, and feeling stuck.  That's where the Inner Work Club steps in: tailored support for your business and personal growth.

Let me make this a no brainer for you...

Joining the Inner Work Club is a 12 month commitment and so I intentionally created the 'LOVE IT OR LEAVE IT' guarantee so you can be sure about your decision... 

If you get coached by me in the first three months of being here and you don't love it, just tell me & you're free to exit with no further payments to make or a partial refund given (dependant on payment type).  



I keep a number of call slots open weekly simply for a chat with new potential clients, it's really the best way for us to mutually assess:

a) If we would work well together

b) Which of my services is best fit for you 



Access 12 months of the Inner Work Club by selecting the best joining option for you...


When you join the Inner Work Club, you'll begin by booking in your deep dive 1:1 call where we get clarity on what you want - in business AND in your inner world.


Then the ongoing components that make up the Inner Work Club ensure you get the right support...


This is all about you—your journey of inner work. But remember, you're not on this path alone.

When you come into the Inner Work Club, where brilliant individuals (just like you) confront their true desires. Here, we embrace the raw honesty that surfaces self-doubt, limitations, and old narratives...


Why? So we can collectively rewrite our stories and triumphantly move beyond them.


You'll get:

  • Practical solutions - actionable insights and solutions to tackle the challenges of business ...that don't ignore your humanness (or hormones!)

  • Autonomy with connection - you're not here for friendship or spotlight, but you crave the reassurance of shared challenges, a nod that your experiences are not unique, and a reminder that you're not alone in your journey

  • Coaching & guidance - it's simple: you can get tailored coaching on YOUR specific challenge, or benefit from hearing others being coached on similar challenges.  

  • Emotional support - your humanness is honoured here.  And you'll learn how to honour it too, fuelling your confidence. Get witnessed, validated, and gain the power to navigate business authentically you

  • Make meaningful progress - ditch the self-abandonment act. Make real progress toward the stuff that REALLY matters. Master saying 'no' to wheel-spinning nonsense and tackle the tough stuff with grounded discernment, courage and discipline.


Each Friday I keep a number of call slots open simply for a chat with new potential clients, it's really the best way for us to mutually assess:

a) If I'm the right coach for you 

b) Which of my services is best fit for you 


Take a look at the below Q&A, or if you want to know something different CLICK HERE and let's have a short chat.

  • Am I able to access private 1:1 coaching?
    YES! Inside the Inner Work Club, you can book a one off private 1:1 call for an additional fee. PLEASE NOTE: You likely won't need to use this feature as you'll already get access to coaching, but the option is there if you want it.
  • How do the payments work?
    You can pay in full or choose the monthly instalments (which sets up a direct debit for 12 months).
  • I'm in employment, can I ask my employer to fund this?
    You ABSOLUTELY should. I've prepared THIS LETTER for you to request their support. GET IT SENT! If they want to chat with me, please send them THIS ENQUIRY CALL LINK.
  • I'm self employed / run my own business...
    1. This investment can absolutely fall under the category of 'training' (CHECK THIS OUT) because you will be bringing business challenges to coaching & developing your leadership skills. Please speak to your accountant about this if you have questions. 2. This is SO for you. You'll be with others who also carry the responsibility of business on their shoulders & want to lighten that load with the right support.
  • I want to join, but I don't like sharing in groups
    I'm going to let a member answer this one, because they felt the same when joining: "One thing that was really helpful for me was that I could engage entirely at my own pace, so I could see how it worked before I chose to join in. Crucially, you never do that awful thing of calling on people in a group to share if they don’t want to. If you don’t have your full name on zoom and you keep your camera off there is literally no way anyone could know who you are and you can access it all as replays anyway. I very rarely say anything in hour one or the zoom out because that doesn’t work for me, but I don’t feel like I’m missing out on anything - I’m mainly there to work through the prompts. On the coaching, inevitably other people do bring up things that are relevant to you because - however unique you'd like to think you are - we all have the same problems and usually the specific details of the situation are not the important thing. Which also means if you do choose to do the coaching yourself, it works even if you aren’t willing to share all the details (and with the coaching form you could be even more removed from it). You are also very good at calling other people out on their own bullshit, and I am now better at seeing when someone is doing this to themselves in other contexts which is a very useful skill. Having said that, I find the live coaching the most valuable thing to be brave enough to actually do, because it is very difficult to see the bullshit you're telling yourself... On that front, if someone was really bothered about remaining anonymous, I would suggest that they have a private call with you first to see what it’s like and to explain the things they wouldn’t want to share with the wider group. At this point, I know on a group call that you understand the context of what I’m saying and can coach accordingly without me having to give more details. Aside from all of this, as someone that doesn’t like to share in groups, my entire experience is that I can trust you to make this ok, and you’d welcome the feedback if it wasn’t."
  • Is there a certain time I can join?
    The doors to the Inner Work Club are always open ready to welcome you in. A better question is: How long are you willing to continue to get in your own way without the right support?
  • Is it for women only?
    To answer this question I have to ask myself: as a mother raising a son, would I want HIM to be able to access this? Would it benefit him? His inner world as he navigates business? My answer would be 100% YES. This space is safe for all to bring their inner work to the table, and as such anyone in the Inner Work Club needs to be aware that we won't avoid conversations around hormones and we don't avoid emotions or your human-ness.
  • What is the time commitment?
    There IS no time commitment and you can't fall behind. Everything is on replay shortly after the live session. This isn't another place you have to be a "good student". You have a buffet of support available to you, and you tap into the parts that benefit you NOW as you're navigating business. I actually think this is the wrong question. A better question is: "How do I get the MOST from this without it taking up a shit ton of time?" Answer: It's less about time, and more about your own self honesty. If you turn up to Hour One (live or on replay) and get coached, being prepared to go deeper than the normal surface level stuff, you'll see, feel & experience results.
  • Is there any training already recorded and available to me?
    If you're a "give-me-all-the-learning-I-want-all-the-modules" kind of human, you'll love the library. As soon as you join you can get instant access to: -The Full Thrive First Method™ -Professional leadership training - helping you if you manage a team, have to delegate or make decisions in business -Inner Work workshops - guiding you to your most powerful and true self, free from self limitations & self doubt. This library gets added to each month with our live workshops being a firm favourite for my members.
  • I'm nervous about 'joining in'...
    Lurk! I've had clients who I've never 'met' (who haven't ever attended a live call) tell me they've had "life and business changing results". I'd love to meet you & directly support you, but lurking is the BEST way to become comfortable AND you'll get loads from it while you do.

Looks like you're out of scroll room.  

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